ANSI B16.5 WN Flanges 1/2"-24" Stainless Steel 316 Flange For Pressure Vessel Flanges

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Pressure vessel flange is the commonly used connecting part in pressure vessel, and it is the basic part connecting all parts and pipes of pressure vessel.Pressure vessel flanges are widely used in petrochemical industry, electric power, atomic energy, light industry and other modern industrial fields.The flange of high pressure vessel is a set of components composed of flange, gasket, matching stud, nut, etc.The purpose of flanges is to ensure that the connecting parts do not leak, so that different containers or pipes are combined together. Pressure vessel flange Operating principle of pressure vessel flange: in the design and selection of container flange, the overall sealing performance is the priority factor.When the flange bolts are fastened, the bolt pressure will push the gasket over the flange ring, which will cause the gasket to compress and deform.With the increase of bolt force, flange sealing surface is closely combined with sealing gasket to prevent leakage of fluid medium and form the initial sealing environment. China’s pressure vessel flange standards are self-contained. The earliest pressure vessel flange standard can be traced back to the 1970s. At that time, the pressure vessel flange industry standard JB1157~1164-1973 issued by the Ministry of Machinery, the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Chemical Industry was used. After a long-term trial and continuous revision, the latest standard is JB/T4700~4707-2000 "Pressure Vessel Flange". In terms of the structural form and working principle of the flange, there is not much difference between the pressure vessel flange and the pipe flange. The obvious difference is that the pressure vessel flange has a large specification and is used in connection with various pressure vessels; and the pipe flange is often connected directly to the pipe or connected to the inlet and outlet pipes of pipelines such as pumps, valves, and machines. Pressure vessel flange 01

Classification of pressure vessel flanges

The flat welding flange used on the pressure vessel is divided into A-type flat welding flange and B-type flat welding flange.
  • 1.A-type flat welding flange is directly welded to the container, and the size of the unwelded joint is small or not welded, and the flange and the container cannot be simultaneously stressed. The strength calculation refers to the loop flange.
  • 2.B-type flat welding flange is generally attached with a thick short cylinder. The welding quality of the flange and the short cylinder is reliable, and the flange and the container can be stressed at the same time. The strength calculation can be considered according to the overall flange. Type B flat welded flanges are widely used for the connection of medium and low pressure vessels and pipes
Advantages and Disadvantages of Both: The B-type flange has a short cylinder, so the rigidity is better than that of the A-type flange. It can be used for high pressure and large diameter; the type A is V-shaped groove, the type B is U-shaped. The groove is so easy to penetrate, so the strength and rigidity are higher. China leading Pressure vessel flange manufacturer ( one-stop OEM and manufacturing for Pipe Flange in Stainless Steel.

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